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When most people think of Peruvian music, South American salsa, cumbia, and even rock may come to mind. But just underneath the surface is a vibrant Afro-Peruvian music scene, which dates back centuries. Never afraid to innovate, Afro-Peruvian musicians have also collaborated with some of the biggest names in electronic music from around the world. Nazca is a local group from Northern Virginia that performs Afro-Peruvian music (Landó and Festejo), Vals, Marinera Norteña, Marinera Limeña, and Tondero, incorporating a dance show into every presentation, making it more interesting and diverse. Nazca performs music by Chabuca Granda, Pepe Vásquez, César Miró, Mario Cavagnaro, Carlos Rincón Ruíz, Victoria & Nicomedes Santacruz, and Augusto Polo Campos among other known Peruvian composers.

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Francisco Vega

Francisco Vega

Director, lead vocalist and bass player of the group.

In the mid 80s he played lead guitar for Caoba, a local latin-jazz group that performed at Georgetown’s The Saloun in Washington, DC. In the 90’s after playing blues, rock and latin jazz, he picked up the bass, went back to his roots and played for Estampa Criolla, a Peruvian group where his mother Graciela Vega was the lead singer, and Miguel Chacaltana was the guitarist.                                         

In 2008, he formed Encuentros, a Peruvian-music group. Shortly thereafter, he met guitarist Tito Dorante and began a musical project with local musicians naming the group LunAzul, and performing non-traditional arrangements for Peruvian music, incorporating jazz fusion and Afro-Peruvian rhythms (Landó and Festejo) in their sound.

In August of 2016, the group changed its name to Nazca, and has added a couple of popular top-40 songs to their repertoire, but incorporating Peruvian-style music and rhythms into them.

Giselle Silvera

Giselle Silvera

Giselle Silvera is a talented professional dancer with more than 20 years experience and she’s also a professional singer, who has been promoting Peruvian Folklore in the U.S. for the past four years. Giselle performs music and dances from the three Peruvian regions: the Coast, the Andes and the Jungle.

She also dances flamenco and plays a few percussion instruments. Giselle is also new to Nazca, she joined in late August of 2018, doing back-up vocals and she brings dancing acts into Nazca’s live concerts, making them more interesting and diverse.

Giselle performs with a local Peruvian Ballet Raíces and Expresiones.  She is also one of the instructors and helps youngsters interested in promoting the Peruvian culture. 

In 2018, she was the Queen of “Marinera Norteña” representing Club Libertad Filial Metropolitan DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia). Giselle promotes the Marinera Norteña on a regular basis and in early 2019, she traveled to Peru representing the U.S. in a national dance contest.

Pepe Sevilla

Pepe Sevilla

Pepe is an experienced musician from the city of Rimac located in Lima, Peru, where he played for “Orquesta Espectáculo de la Guardia Republicana del Perú,” shortly after that he became the director of salsa band “La Nueva Dimensión” where he opened for internationally-known Grupo Niche from Colombia, in a concert organized by Backus & Johnston Brewery.

In 1999, he decided to emigrate to the U.S. with a professional musician contract to play for Miguel Chacaltana’s “Amanecer Criollo,” then he went on to play at Havana Village with “Ritmo y Sabor” in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC.

He is a versatile musician who also played Latin Jazz with “Quimbao” at Washington DC’s Latin Festival.

Pepe is a well-traveled musician, he went on tour to Lisboa in Portugal with “Grupo Tentación” then played in Argentina with “Orquesta Cadencia” and in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018, he went on tour to Manaus, Brazil to play at La Rua Festival, an event sponsored by Diniz Records.